New Home Design

As a custom home builder, Shaw Building & Design, Inc. employs its own in-house drafting department. Whether you choose one of our designs or bring in your custom plan drawn on a napkin, we go to work for you. In fact, we don't just allow you to make changes...we encourage them.
Your home should express your individual taste and style. Our complete residential design service allows you to incorporate all your ideas into any home floor plan.

How Do We Begin? New Home Design
  1. An initial meeting with Shaw Building & Design, Inc. and your family to discuss the concept of your home
  2. Discuss your time frame
  3. Discuss your property
  4. Select the type of home (post and beam, log, timber-frame, conventional)
  5. Discuss the importance of green building, and ways to make your new home as energy efficient as possible.
  6. Homeowner provides amount they wish to invest in their home. Additional cost may be incurred for other items such as:
    • The land and any zoning permit costs
    • Well
    • Driveway
    • Septic
    • Utilities
    • Fine Grading & Landscaping
 See What we can do with 3D:
 Designing Your Home
 Locating Your Home on Your Property 
  1. Review floor plan concept books
  2. Review your Wish List Planner uncovering lifestyle needs, unique design requests, etc.
  3. Provide a Design, Selections & Pricing Fee to develop floor plans and price out your home.

Once you provide the Design, Selections & Pricing Fee the fun begins. We have developed a three-step process that when completed, provides a budget estimate for the home. The three steps are:
  1. Design and Drafting Floor Plans & Elevation Views:
    This involves a series of meetings where you share any photos you’ve collected along with your wish list and land information with us. Then working together with our in-house draftsman, we will create custom floor plans and elevation views. During this process, we will discuss with you various building technologies and get our key subcontractors involved early on to provide a cost-efficient design. This also may involve a site visit to your land to discuss view opportunities and elevations. We will also discuss any solar gain possibilities and incorporate them into your plan.
New Home Design

  1. General Selections Meeting:
    During this meeting, you select all the details…from types of flooring, faucets, fixtures, etc. Once we have all the selections from you, we send out bid specifications and a full set of house plans to our subcontractors.
  2. Budget Presentation Meeting:
    At this meeting, you will see the bid prices for your house plans and general selections you’ve directed us to price out for you. Where you’ve asked us for options to a given item, you will see the price differences for each. During this meeting you will tell us what final items you indeed want in your home. Then we will create a final budget. This process allows owners to create their own home and to select the amenities that suit their individual lifestyles. When complete, our goal is to provide you with a detailed budget, that historically we build within 2% of that budget (subject to change orders and variances in allowances spending).

How long will this take?
Once the homeowner family has selected us as their builder, below are the typical stages involved to plan and build the home (the following timelines assume site approvals are complete):

1.Floor Plan/ Elevation Design2-4 weeks (depends upon complexity of home)

2.Drafting of Final Plans1 week

3.General Selection Meeting1 day

4.Bidding out the plan2 weeks to print multiple copies of plans, assemble and distribute

5.Bid Audit & Budget Development3 days to assemble

6.Budget Presentation1 meeting

7.Contract Signing1 meeting

Pre-planning timeline subtotal6-8 weeks

8.Building the home (from ground-breaking)4-7 months

TOTAL TIME6-11 months

If you are building a Lindal Cedar Home or Timber Frame home, please add 4-6 weeks for engineering, lumber production, pre-site assembly and trucking to the site.