Lindal Cedar Homes

Lindal Cedar Homes

Lindal Cedar Home(s) are founded on the philosophy that “the human spirit thrives in a highly personalized home that reflects the passions and priorities of the home owner.” We are proud to partner with Lindal Cedar Home(s), as their personal values match ours as a custom home builder focused on building a quality home with the personal touches each homeowner deserves.
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The Lindal Cedar Home(s) Difference The Lindal Cedar Home(s) Difference offers unbeatable home design resources and new home floor plans to build the custom home of your dreams. Lindal’s exclusive collection of architectural styles and new home floor plans make it easy to transform your favorite Lindal home design into a personal expression of who you are and how you want to live.

The Lindal Difference continues in many other ways too. The home design materials Lindal uses are of the highest quality. Lindal’s dedication to unique home design and supporting a professional, service-driven dealer network is unparalleled. Their commitment to home design and engineering brings structural integrity and flexibility to our industry-leading, signature home design products.
Lindal Cedar Homes has planted over 193,000 trees with their re-forestation program. For every home shipped, they purchase a one-year membership in the American Forests Global Re-leaf program and plant 25 trees in the customer’s name.

Your Personal Guide
Lindal combines hands-on expertise and attention to detail, with the experience, financial strength and quality assurance that they will stand behind your home from start to finish. It’s a combination of professional excellence and personal attention you won’t find anywhere else.

Lindal will:

  • Visit your custom home site
  • Provide assistance to turn your ideas into a working custom home design
  • Analyze your custom home plans for site suitability, functionality and aesthetics
  • Share the benefits of local building resources and code requirements.
  • Oversee your order from the first custom home plans through final delivery
  • Show you how to get the most custom home for your money

Lindal Design
The Lindal Difference is evident in every home design they create. Lindal uses state-of-the-art three-dimensional computer assisted design (CAD) programs to create their custom home floor plans. Before they ship our homes, Lindal builds each one from the ground up in the program to ensure efficient and workable designs. Lindal’s designs hold the flexibility to personalize your design while retaining the ultimate in livability.

Quality Materials
Lindal has reserved nature’s most perfect home building materials for its customers: a kiln-dried premium grade of Western red cedar lumber you simply won’t find anywhere else. In addition to superior cedar lumber and homebuilding systems, an entire houseful of premium, above-grade quality homebuilding materials are the secret to Lindal’s dramatic beauty, structural integrity, low maintenance and living comfort. They all add up to lasting value. Homeowners say Lindal home building materials bring out the best in a construction crew, too.

  • Quality control counts. From the forest to the building site, Lindal’s strict quality control standards and grading system begin where industry standards end.
  • Taking the extra step. By kiln drying the lumber to reduce and control moisture content, Lindal decreases the chance for twisting and warping that often occurs with green or air-dried lumber. Kiln drying also reduces the weight, while increasing strength-making your construction easier and freight costs lower.
  • Daily luxury, lifetime beauty. The natural wonders of Lindal’s fragrant, fine-grained cedar come through in its radiance, warm range of colors and velvety finish-all which make it a daily pleasure to live with.

Lindal Cedar Homes

Lindal Engineering
Lindal Engineering gives their post and beam homes both structural integrity and flexibility. Lindal’s patented post and beam building system features dozens of top-of-the-line engineering details that often exceed local building practices. Lindal’s signature post and beam building system uses a strong framework to support the roof’s weight. This frees up most interior walls from serving as structural supports. The result is an open post and beam home with an airy interior that allows long spans, soaring ceilings, and large expanses of glass. Post and beam gives you the design flexibility to customize a floor plan to suit your own functional and aesthetic tastes without costly major modifications. Recently, Lindal engineering improved on conventional framing with the introduction of its newest building system.

A Guarantee for Life
The Lindal Difference also includes the best guarantee in the building industry, a Lifetime Warranty against any structural defects. They are so confident of every Lindal home’s lasting quality that we guarantee it. Lindal’s Lifetime Structural Warranty gives you the assurance that one of life’s most important investments is backed by a promise-and a company-you can count on.

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New Product Announced by Lindal Cedar Homes
Lindal Cedar Homes is excited to announce The Modern Studio-A Lindal Cedar Homes Daylight Product. These Studios are designed from 115 square feet and up. Learn more here.

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Lindal Cedar Homes