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Have you realized how big showers have become? People are finding a need for bigger showers for many reasons. All the way from wheel chair accessibility to fitting an entire bathtub in their shower space. People are choosing to lower floors to make their showers curb-less while also installing more railings. While on the other hand, people are choosing to put their bathtub in their shower space just for the sake of the look! Some 2019 shower trends are for functionality while others are for the modern style.

Other shower trends that give the modern look include having multiple showerheads, waterfall showerheads, and exposed plumbing. These features can mostly be seen in big open showers.


When looking for a bathtub we advise you to NOT shop online. The best way to shop for a bathtub is to go shop in person and sit in the tub. You will immediately find out if the bathtub is a good fit for you. You don’t want to order a tub online and then find out it’s not the right fit.

Standing tubs has become an increasingly popular trend. Not only does it give the bathroom a sleek look, but it also creates more space.

However, standing tubs aren’t for everybody. Sometimes people prefer a tub with more of a ledge. The ledge can be used to help people with accessing the tub.

Light exposure

Bright bathrooms are trending and there are many ways to accomplish the look! The more windows in your bathroom the more exposed it is to the sunlight. Painting and decorating the walls with light colors complements the light and overall brightens the entire room. White, soft pink, and light wood are only a few examples that can accomplish this!

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