What is the Modern Cabin?

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What is the Modern Cabin?

A place to gather with family and friends

What is the modern cabin?

No more one-roomed cabins with four identical walls! The modern cabin is not only a place for you, but a place for your family and friends to gather and create memories.

A place away from our busy schedules

What place is a better place to spend vacation time than in your cabin home?

Place to enjoy the Holidays with warm cozy spaces

What is the modern cabin?

The Holidays can be a stressful time. What better way to relax than spending time in your warm and cozy cabin home? If you live in Wisconsin, you may be familiar with the brutal winters. Your beautiful cabin home is a place to escape the coldness, but still admire a great view of winter wonderland.

A year-round retreat

Lets face it- as much as you want to admire the interior of your modern cabin, there are plenty of activities to do outside of it!  The modern cabin is a place where you can enjoy the outdoors including snowmobiling, snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, and fishing year round!


The Modern Cabin is… A lifestyle!

What is the modern cabin?


Features of a Modern Cabin

Private bedrooms take the place of old bunk beds

Bunk beds are the thing of the past! Modern cabins now include private bedrooms where bunk beds are no longer an essential.

What is the modern cabin?

Updated bathrooms

Say goodbye to out-houses and hello to in-house bathrooms! The modern cabin is centered around YOU and your comfort. Gross outdated out houses won’t do you justice.

Large Kitchens, islands, great rooms and places to gather

The modern cabin is a place where you can host you entire family! Prepare homemade meals in your large kitchen utilizing your large kitchen island in the process.

What is the modern cabin?

Outdoor living spaces

What’s better than a living room with lots of seating, a TV, and a fireplace? An outdoor living room with all those features included! The outdoor living space is a great way to spend even more time outdoors than you already do.

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