Why You Should Choose Shaw

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Why You Should Choose Shaw

Complete transparency:

Shaw prides themselves in being completely transparent with their clients. For example, Shaw provides all their potential clients with a detailed new home reference sheet. In this reference sheet you can find 15+ past clients with their contact information along with the type of home they built with Shaw.

Shaw is transparent by showing and explaining all their numbers to clients from their budget sheet. This budget sheet is given to clients after they signed a design agreement, completed a selection meeting, and moved forward with the bidding process. Once all the bids come back, Shaw creates a budget sheet showing the highest and lowest number their home can be.

Provide cost protection:

Shaw takes the extra steps to keep their clients happy. One of the ways they do this is by providing cost protection. After the home is built the clients budget comes in at least 2% under. Shaw puts cushion numbers in place in case something was to happen during the building process.

Another way Shaw likes to save clients costs is by giving out no change order fees. Shaw works with clients to accommodate client’s unique requests.  If a client were to want a change, all costs that come with that change would be presented before it is made.


Shaw is a full-service builder; communication is key to a smooth and stress-free building process.  Shaw makes sure that clients have constant communication from start to finish. Shaw does this by sending out weekly email updates along with updated pictures of the process. Cameras are also placed on the site where customers can check in at any time.

There are many more reasons to choose Shaw Building and Design; energy efficiency, organization, flexibility, experience, etc. If you are looking for a complete custom experience- Shaw Building and Design is the builder for you!

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